CPR Training, Classes, & Certification Near Plano, TX

We provide quality American Heart Association Basic Life Support – CPR, AED, and First Aid classes at locations near Plano, TX. We offer onsite flexible training to medical offices, dentist offices, hospitals, schools, and other workplace. 

All of our classes are made up of HANDS-ON practice, lectures, and videos. After completing your CPR certification class, you will receive a certification card, valid for two years. 

At CPR Training Nation you will learn in a fun, low-stress environment from someone that is passionate and knowledgeable about CPR.

CPR Classes Near Plano, TX

Since we travel for our classes, we host classes in multiple different locations and times. Be sure to check our calendar for the next class nearest you!

If you have a larger group, we can do a class for you at a location of your choosing. Workplaces, Rec Centers, and Public Buildings are all places we can setup a class.

We can also do private or custom classes to get you CPR certified ASAP. Just contact us today!

Our Approach To CPR Classes

CPR Training Nation is an CPR Training School, where we will provide you with the tools and knowledge so you can understand a medical emergency and know what to do before the ambulance or doctor arrives. With the knowledge we will teach you, you will be able to ensure the safety and health in any environment like work, home, public, and elsewhere.

All our classes are certified comprehensive training for medical emergency needs. Our classes are popular among working professionals like lifeguards, nurses, and babysitters but are available for anyone looking to get CPR Certified.

Teaching you the proper life-saving skills is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, and we’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions About CPR Training Classes in Plano

How much does it cost to get CPR certified in Texas?

CPR certification class in Texas starts at $18.95. This includes the classes, study materials, unlimited exam attempts, and two-year valid certification card upon completed. Contact us for specific pricing!


How long is CPR training?

Our Basic First Aid and CPR classes will take roughly an hour to two hours to finish. This includes passing a quick exam and getting certified.


How long does CPR certification last in Texas?

Once you complete your certification classes, your credentials are valid for two years in the state of Texas. In order to maintain your certification, you’ll have to take another class and exam to renew your certification.