Our Classes & Services

Our CPR classes and services are here for the best CPR training & certification possible. Our classes have taught hundreds in the DFW area for years on how to keep people safe and get certified.

Our CPR training classes are the best around and are reasonably priced. Our goal is to certify as many people in the DFW  community as we can!

Our CPR Classes

  • CPR Instructor Certification
  • Mobile CPR Training & Classes

What To Expect in Your CPR Course

Whether you are assisting adult, children, or infants – you will be able to take action and respond to danger and hazardous situations.

In our classes you’ll learn how to perform chest compressions, administer rescue breaths, find a pulse, perform seven steps of CPR, and restore regular breathing to an individual incapacitated.

You can rest knowing you have gained the best CPR certification.

CPR Training Nation is accepted by all employers and organizations.


Why Train With Us?

There are many reasons why CPR Training Nation is the choice of many in DFW!

  • We offer instructor-led hands-on training that ensures your training is correct and certified.
  • Our classes provide the most commonly accepted CPR certification for DFW.
  • You receive your CPR card and your CPR Certification Plano First Aid card when you train and test.
  • You will get the confidence you need to assist in any medical emergency.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trainings

How do I complete CPR training?

After completing registration for the class,  show up to your scheduled class. There is no prep required! Your course will have all required segments that make sure your card is CPR Healthcare Provider certified.

Make sure your classes have in-person training. You must train in person to be fully certified in most situations.

When will my certification expire?

CPR  training and certifications are good for two years in the state of Texas. You must renew it to stay OSHA and employer compliant.

How can I renew my CPR certification?

If your certification is about to expire or has expired, you can simply retake the course in one of our classes to continue saving lives.

Can anyone sign up for courses?

Yes, everyone is welcome! There are no requirements necessary to take any of our classes. Make sure the class is pertaining to the training you are needing and sign up for your class today.

What do the classes include?

For you to be fully certified, you must complete a skills check and a written test.

How long do the CPR classes last?

Classes are approximately 2-3 hrs.